viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

My troubled life...

I jus had the two coolest weeks of my life because my boyfriend Raz came all the way from London to Los Angeles to see me. We had a real blast! It is so sad that he had to leave, but I knew that was gonna happen :(
We met Amir Khan, the cuttest boxer ever who happens to be British-Pakistani like my beloved. He was so nice for a celebrity!
Anyhow, the two weeks that Raz was here were very eventful. My father, who is not happy about me dating a muslim guy, kicked me out my house and now I am staying with my uncles, who are very supportive.
My father is not the only one who talks crap about many people have told me that it is impossible that a muslim guy is going to take me seriously! I know he is serious...but it gets on my nerves that people keep giving their opinion and judging us! Maybe its that they are just jealous because I am happy?
My father found out, not long ago, that I am considering reverting to Islam and he also found the Holy Qur'an that my friend's mom gave me. he threw it in the trash, how disrecpectful of him...
He thinks that Raz is the reason why I want to become muslim, but truth is, i had been considering reverting to Islam for over 4 years!
I know i am going to do it at some point...i just need strength to be brave enough to do it because I know my family wont accept it that easily...

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! Whenever someone new comes on my blog, I try my best to keep up with that person's.

    Your story is very interesting. I'd love for us to keep in touch through my blog and I also have an all woman's forum ( which I'd LOVE for you to join. There are women from all over the world; be they Christian, Muslim or whatever. Everyone is welcome (: I really pray to God that we become great friends.

    I'm looking forward to following you and reading more of your entries!!! Ohh, and are you Hispanic?!

  2. P.S. I forgot to say that I became Muslim almost ten years ago.
    I understand how your family is feeling. Are they Catholic? God's Willing, you need to take is easy and slowly introduce them to Islam. Show them that this religion makes you happy and they should be happy for you! It's something totally foreign to them, at first they won't understand. But with time, hopefully, they'll start to accept it.
    If you have anyyyyy questions at all, you can ask me! And I'll try to help!

  3. Salaam!!
    Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my nonsense hehehe
    I am hispanic indeed, half argentinean and half mexican and born and raised in Los Angeles. Its been 3 weeks since my father doesnt talk to me and he said that he doesnt have a daughter anymore. I hope he accepts my choice someday! My mother is not happy but she is very supportive.
    I love ur blog, its so nice! Reading ur entries is one thing I look forward to do everyday now!

  4. OH dear!!!thanks sad....:( how's going now? Thanks for fallowing my blog...Nither i am a muslim...But i love to stay around this wonderful women...So if u need any help or support...

    Time will make them understand that your love is true...and it should not count race,religion or other things..!

  5. Hey Salam,
    I love your blog! I just came across it from London Hijabi. My friend is also hispanic, half mexican and hald peurto rican. She reverted to Islam a few years ago. It was hard for her as well, but mashallah her family is so cool with it now. Inshallah everything works out for you!