lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

The drama goes on...

Its been 3 weeks since my father talked to me for the last time.
Yesterday he didnt even call to ask if I was OK after the earthquake. He doesnt even allow me to talk to my little brother or to take him out for ice cream and all the things we used to do on the weekends that he comes to visit my dad.
Things with my bf are going great so far...even though the distance is enormous, i am sure we can make this work out!

Just found out last night, that my father threw a lot of my stuff to the trash! Including a big, plastic box full of books and memories :( My high school yearbook was there as well as the beautiful Holy Qur'an that my friend Arwa's mom gave to me as a gift a year disrespectful of my dad. Hope he realizes that he is not doing the right thing before it's too late!

viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

My troubled life...

I jus had the two coolest weeks of my life because my boyfriend Raz came all the way from London to Los Angeles to see me. We had a real blast! It is so sad that he had to leave, but I knew that was gonna happen :(
We met Amir Khan, the cuttest boxer ever who happens to be British-Pakistani like my beloved. He was so nice for a celebrity!
Anyhow, the two weeks that Raz was here were very eventful. My father, who is not happy about me dating a muslim guy, kicked me out my house and now I am staying with my uncles, who are very supportive.
My father is not the only one who talks crap about many people have told me that it is impossible that a muslim guy is going to take me seriously! I know he is serious...but it gets on my nerves that people keep giving their opinion and judging us! Maybe its that they are just jealous because I am happy?
My father found out, not long ago, that I am considering reverting to Islam and he also found the Holy Qur'an that my friend's mom gave me. he threw it in the trash, how disrecpectful of him...
He thinks that Raz is the reason why I want to become muslim, but truth is, i had been considering reverting to Islam for over 4 years!
I know i am going to do it at some point...i just need strength to be brave enough to do it because I know my family wont accept it that easily...