lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

The drama goes on...

Its been 3 weeks since my father talked to me for the last time.
Yesterday he didnt even call to ask if I was OK after the earthquake. He doesnt even allow me to talk to my little brother or to take him out for ice cream and all the things we used to do on the weekends that he comes to visit my dad.
Things with my bf are going great so far...even though the distance is enormous, i am sure we can make this work out!

Just found out last night, that my father threw a lot of my stuff to the trash! Including a big, plastic box full of books and memories :( My high school yearbook was there as well as the beautiful Holy Qur'an that my friend Arwa's mom gave to me as a gift a year disrespectful of my dad. Hope he realizes that he is not doing the right thing before it's too late!

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  1. well you should be pacient with your dad, many people in usa don't really know more about Islam exept what they read or lisen in the media, and we all know is not always true, so give a chance to your dad and try to understand him, he is just worry and probably afraid you one day acept islam, but is up to you to prove you are doing the right thing and prove you are responsible but the most important don't fight with him, tolk to him with respect, what he is doing could be due to ignorance in the theme.
    have a nice day